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The official road is boundless by Regan (1st Feb 23 at 7:28am UTC)Quote Reply
This is also a plan that he brought from Shuangfeng intact. It should be said that Shuangfeng has achieved 60%, which has been a little effective. But it seems that Deng Shaohai has little interest in the follow-up. In Futou, Zhang Mingquan knows that Lu Weimin attaches great importance to this work. He has been pushing forward quietly, and the work is quite solid. The cooperation with several major state-owned specialized banks and credit cooperatives is also relatively smooth. On this issue, Lu Weimin is quite satisfied with Zhang Mingquan. In his opinion, this is the person he really trusts, knows what he values, and can do what he values well, which can be best reflected in this. I learned from a relationship in the province that it is said that the regional administrative office has actively promoted this cooperation. The funds for the construction of Changdong East Passage will be provided by the three major coal enterprises, which will solve the problem of construction funds in return for the right to collect road tolls. Moreover, the second phase construction of Kezhou Power Plant in Western Zhejiang will start soon, which has a strong attraction for the development of the three major coal industries and Guqing Coal Mine Resources. So it's kind of a hit. Song Dacheng, under the guidance of Lu Weimin, is now beginning to pay close attention to the development of the surrounding areas, especially the counties that have a competitive relationship with Futou. Ask for a monthly ticket! (To be continued.) The ninth volume starts from the beginning and crosses the road of the thirty-ninth section. Lu Weimin nodded thoughtfully, Sun Zhen is not too cold to Wei Yikang, which Lu Weimin is very clear. WeiYiKang in Gou ZhiLiang has not left the fengzhou quietly on the line of Li Zhiyuan, in LuWeiMin seems this may be obtained the approval of Gou ZhiLiang, after all, Gou Zhiliang in the loss of influence on fengzhou for their subordinates arrange a way out is reasonable, of course, he can't show too much on the surface, that will accelerate the disintegration of their own system, So secretly approving is the best strategy, even so, Wei Yikang's turn will still leave a bad impression in many people's minds. This kind of thing actually can't hide from the discerning person. Wei Yikang was suppressed by Guo Hongbao in Fengzhou. Why did he become the secretary of Guqing County Party Committee? The discerning person knew at a glance that he had won the strong support of Li Zhiyuan. But as soon as Li Zhiyuan left, Wei Yikang quickly got hot with the new Tao Xingju,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, which aggravated many people's bad impression of Wei Yikang. However, in Lu Weimin's view, Wei Yikang has no choice but to do so. A cadre, in order to advance in the officialdom, every opportunity must be firmly seized, Sun Zhen Wei Yikang impression is not good, after losing this move, Wei Yikang had no choice but to Tao Xingju, of course, Tao Xingju showed the strength of wrestling with Sun Zhen is also a major reason. Wei Yikang has come to this position, he must continue to move forward, then make achievements, not only make his performance more convincing, but also let the people who support him speak louder and have more voice. Are you not like this? Although the relationship between Sun Zhen and himself has two factors of similar views and consistent ideas, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quillaja Saponin, the more important thing is that on this basis, he can bring himself what he needs, and he can also come up with what he wants to see. The world is so wonderful that he and Wei Yikang have unconsciously become opponents, or two spears that collide with each other. Who can win may not prove the victory of the gunman, but at least it can mean the trend of the wind. For himself and Wei Yikang, to the greatest extent, they use their respective positions as a stage to show themselves, so that they can have a dialogue with Sun Zhen and Tao Xingju behind Wei Yikang, which is a performance. It is said that as soon as a new official takes office, he should see more, listen more, make less statements, and point fingers less. However, Tao Xingju has subverted this convention. Not long after he arrived, he did the same research, but his attitude was the same, and even his actions were getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes he had already bypassed the prefectural Party committee and made promises directly according to his own intentions.
However, Tao Xingju did not abandon the public for private purposes, and basically put forward the idea and intention to the point, but also won the support of the following, such as the integration of Guqing's coal and phosphate mines, the introduction of large enterprises, the development of deep processing industry chain, and the full support to open up the eastern channel, no matter which one is extremely beneficial to the development of Guqing. Supporting the establishment of building materials industrial park in Fengzhou City and encouraging the development of consumer electronics industry in Jingkai District undoubtedly constitutes a squeeze and competition for Dayuan and Futou, but you can't say anything. Dacheng, the administrative office's support for Guqing is quite strong. If the three major coal enterprises really want to be the main investors of Kefeng Highway Project, even if they are tied up with Guqing, they will become the main force in the integration of Guqing's coal and phosphorus resources. Only in this way can Guqing's coal and phosphorus resources be continuously exported to the west of Zhejiang. Similarly, the benefits of Kefeng Highway will be better. This is a symbiotic relationship. Lu Weimin realized that Tao Xingju now spares no effort to support Guqing. The three major coal enterprises enter the tollway market and obtain the right to collect fees. This should be approved by the provincial government. If the fees are designed according to the first-class highway standard, although Kefeng Highway does not belong to the national highway, it spans two provinces. It is estimated that the approval of the Ministry of Transport should also be obtained. At least, it should be filed like a Ministry of Transport. The procedure is very complicated, but Tao Xingju came to Fengzhou for a short time and dared to make such a statement. He must have won the support of the top level in the province. Secretary Lu, Guqing's economic growth slowed down in the first half of this year, and now they have such great support. It seems that they are sharpening their knives to fight with us. Song Dacheng nodded, "I heard that Luomen Chemical Industry, a subsidiary of Luomen Coal Industry, had a phosphate mine in Puling, but the grade of phosphate ore is low and there are many impurities, so it has been intentionally expanding outward. This time, of course, we will not let go of such an opportunity, and it is our Fengzhou side that invites us on our own initiative,Sex Enhancement Powder, but the premise is that we must support the deep processing of phosphate ore in Guqing." Luomen Chemical has agreed to this proposal and is preparing to merge and reorganize several phosphate mines in Guqing to achieve an annual production of more than 300,000 tons of phosphate mines. It has also launched an ammonium phosphate fertilizer project and a supporting sulfuric acid production project. It is preliminarily estimated that the investment may exceed 150 million yuan. After completion, the whole project will achieve an annual output value of 250 million yuan and a profit and tax of 30 million yuan. 。
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