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Sword devouring (9th Jan 23 at 4:34am UTC)Quote Reply
Resentful watching Ye Feng, Nie Henshui's angry teeth clenched, sending out bursts of squeaking sound. Suddenly, his feet beat, and his body shot out like lightning. At the moment of rushing to Ye Feng, the sword in his hand trembled several times in succession, releasing a five-foot-long golden dragon pattern. The golden dragon pattern drifts rapidly in the void, with an indomitable and violent breath. As the flame on the golden dragon became stronger and stronger, the frost and snow on the ground were transpired into pieces of fog. For a moment, the fog filled the area where Ye Feng and Nie Henshui were located. At the moment when the fog covered the line of sight, Ye Feng no longer hesitated, waving the thunder chasing sword, releasing a vast sword light. One, two, three.. The laser light of the sword soon formed an impenetrable net of swords in the void. At the moment when the whole sword net was fully formed, a dense blue electric light burst out from the sword net. The tiny electric snake swallows and spits the electric awn, gradually approaching the golden dragon. There was a loud bang, and the lightning collided with the golden dragon. The two powers collided and there was a violent explosion. The blast of air spread out in all directions, destroying the withered and rotten, smashing all the trees around. Impact on the body of Ye Feng, directly forced it back a dozen steps, this just stopped. Ye Feng retrogression, Nie Henshui also did not get any benefit. Although Nie Henshui only took five steps backwards, the blast of the explosion tore up all his clothes. Hiss. Nie Henshui tore off his ragged clothes. In this way, he endured the pressing cold, bare back, and looked at Ye Feng ferociously. Ye Feng,fake ficus tree, go to hell! Nie Henshui suddenly roared. Suddenly, he threw the Wulong Xiangtian Sword straight into the air, and then spat out a pool of blood from his mouth, all of which were cast on the body of the sword. The stimulation of blood immediately made the body of the sword burst out a brilliant golden brilliance. Ye Feng was shocked to find that the rapidly falling Wulong Xiangtian Sword roared like a prehistoric beast in the process of falling. With a bang, Wulong Xiangtian Sword burst from the center. The body of the sword did not burst out in fragments, but radiated a dazzling golden light. Shrouded dozens of square meters of golden light, twisted and entangled in the void, slowly converging. At the moment when all the golden lights were entangled, five golden five-claw golden dragons appeared in the void. Five golden dragons circled in the void and rose to the sky. As the golden dragons rose higher and higher into the air, pieces of sword gas, which were sharp enough to cut gold and jade, spouted out of the golden dragon's mouth. Wulong Xiangtian Array is the unique effect of Wulong Xiangtian Sword. However, if you want to perform such a terrorist array, you must use the user's blood as a guide. Discovering the golden light in the sky, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,artificial coconut palm trees, he smashed his head, and Ye Feng broke out in a cold sweat. Originally he thought that Nie Henshui's strength was only the peak of the seventh level. If he was promoted to the seventh level swordsman, he could naturally fight with him. But now he knew he was wrong. As the most potential disciple of the Illusion Sect, Nie Henshui received much more care than others. Wulong Xiangtian Sword is a middle-level sword with the same level as Thunder Chasing Soul Sword. However, when it comes to the true efficacy of the two swords, the Wulong Xiangtian Sword is definitely better than the Thunder Chasing Soul Sword. Seeing the sword light getting closer and closer to his own body, Ye Feng did not dare to hesitate. Suddenly, he jumped up and met the light of the sword, and the sword in his hand once again radiated an airtight sword net. Unlike the previous release of the sword light net curtain, the sword net released by Ye Feng this time presents a semicircular shape. The semicircular sword net mask, like an eggshell, not only enveloped Ye Feng's body, but also blocked the sword gas released by the Wulong Xiang Sky Array. A series of roars rang out, and the sword gas released by Wulongxiang Sky Array hit the oval sword net arranged by Ye Feng, which immediately made the sword net tremble and deform. The semicircular sword net defense is pressed into an oval shape and a diamond shape. As the sword net suffered more and more attacks, the original red light curtain gradually faded into a nearly transparent white. Boom, another thunderous explosion rose from the sky above the sword net. Ye Feng was shocked to find that his carefully arranged sword net, under the successive impact, the surface appeared numerous fine cracks like a spider web.
"We can't continue to defend blindly. If we continue to defend, I'm afraid the sword net will be broken sooner or later." Ye Feng thought anxiously from the bottom of her heart. Thinking of this, his body suddenly swayed, only slightly sideways, and shot out of the sword net. After breaking away from the position of the sword net, Ye Feng danced the Thunder Chasing Soul Sword. The sword in his hand suddenly swept away, and immediately, a piece of sword light burst out from the body of the sword and hit Nie Henshui. The light of the sword, mixed with blue lightning, surged forward crazily. Seeing the light of the sword coming, Nie Henshui sent out a roar in his mouth, shaking his palm, and once again a long sword with shining silver light appeared in his hand. Solid ice, "Nie Henshui shouted.". The voice fell, and the sword in his hand suddenly burst into a bright white wall of ice crystals. That is Line-level mid-level ice attribute long sword? Ye Feng looked at the sword in Nie Henshui's hand and froze for a moment. Seeing the ice curtain released by the firm ice sword, blocking the sword gas released by himself, his eyes flashed a sharp look, holding the sword, and quickly ran to Nie Henshui. The Water Sword Style of Sanjue Sword Move! Ye Feng murmured silently in the bottom of her heart. At this moment, his soul seems to be completely integrated with the Thunder Soul Chasing Sword, so that when he swings his sword forward, he not only feels the vitality surging forward, but also his soul seems to be infused in the light of the overbearing sword. With a bang, a three-meter-long sword light shot out from the surface of the Thunder Chasing Soul Sword. The light of the sword fell with a roar and cut hard on the ice wall, cutting the ice wall directly from the middle. Behind the ice wall, Nie Henshui looked at the roaring light of the sword,fake ficus tree, his eyes full of panic. He suddenly found that at the moment when the sword light appeared, his body had lost the ability to move, and he could only watch the sword light fall from the top of his head. A deafening roar resounded through the testing ground.
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