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Xing Tang (11th Jan 23 at 1:17am UTC)
"What does it mean to look at a mountain as a mountain, to look at a mountain as a mountain, and to see a mountain or a mountain?" Di Renjie asked curiously before he came out. This is a kind of realm. When you see a mountain, it is a mountain. You don't think about it. Then you think about it. There are stones, soil, trees and grass on the mountain. Some mountains are high and some mountains are low. This mountain is not like a mountain in your heart. Finally, slowly understand its nature, know the true meaning of the mountain, the mountain has become a mountain. But it's different from the first way of looking at mountains. Zen is divided into sudden enlightenment and gradual enlightenment. Sudden enlightenment is what Master Shenxiu just said, but most Zen disciples do not have this enlightenment, so they have to gradually realize it. Whether it is sudden enlightenment or gradual enlightenment, it is impossible to realize it all at once. Therefore, at the beginning of entering Buddhism, it is emptiness or emptiness, and at the end of half-understanding, emptiness is not emptiness. And then, I realized that emptiness is still emptiness. It goes around and around, but that's how Zen really works. We all laughed at what he said. In fact, in the final analysis, there is a vacuum, and everyone gets something for nothing. What should we do in the end? Crops must be cultivated in order to have a harvest, people must study hard in order to have talent and learning, the court from your majesty, down to the officials need to work hard to govern, the country can have a good harvest, good government and people. Therefore,ceramic igniter electrodes, for thousands of years, Confucianism has been striving for success, which is the truth between heaven and earth. Confucianism is not necessarily all right, but these officials are Confucian origin, have to say so. But Confucianism is certainly slightly better than Taoism and Buddhism in governing the country. Besides, I didn't hear much about it, but I also heard that some lazy men, in order to avoid the state's taxes, lived in temples in order to get something for nothing. There are more and more monks and Taoists, and they take up a lot of fertile land,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, which is not included in the national tax. So the heavier the burden of ordinary people, it is not good. "Exactly," Di Renjie sighed. Some time ago, when I was at the Shaolin Temple, I talked to the prince about a similar problem. The rise of temples added a heavy burden to the country. Di Hui indissolubles the ground asks: "In that case, why does your Highness want to say so?" "Since it was rare for my father and mother to go out and listen to the ceremony, they liked it and laughed alone.". This is filial piety. A good explanation is to flatter and ease the deadlock. The prince came to talk to Di Renjie, and Yan Liben took his leave. Watching him leave, Di Hao stuck out his tongue and said, "Father, the child is so scared." "Why?" In the past, Yan Xianggong heard about the boy's painting skills, and he had met him once. Father, why don't you tell the truth. The child was more than worried. "Why say it when no one asks?" Di Renjie immediately dissuaded him. Spread out, provoke criticism, and then want to enter the east palace, that is impossible, to say, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, see if you can find an opportunity to the queen through this matter. No one else needs to know. If your Highness ascends the big tripod, who dares to say? Li Wei did not say that, for example, when he got along with his parents, he was mostly half-true and half-false. Honesty is a virtue, but sometimes lying in good faith is also a virtue. But Di's good heart made him like it even more. I have no choice but to lie. It's not good to be proud of lying. The old servant kept hearing the news from Luoyang on the way, which made him tremble with fear. But the memorials were like snowflakes, and the two sages could not stay. Slowly wake up, so far, only Ming Chongyan one person, so that the emperor's illness has a tendency to improve. Heaven and earth are not as big as the emperor's life. Moreover, the emperor and the empress were very embarrassed if they were forced to go on like this, which might not be good for the prince. Or has the owner already thought of this step? So he came to Luoyang again. Did not dare to see directly, dressed up as a peddler, into the Ming House. When they met, he asked, "Doctor Ming, why are you so careless?" With the prince status pressure, also calculate, let others in their own best aspects of the suppression, this is not right. You're still asking me? How long have I been in the court? Is the foundation unstable? No, there is no foundation at all. You're forcing me to do this. It's not that we can't do it, we need to take advantage of the situation. Ming Chongyan also came to the fire, although wealth makes him very eager, but also worth fighting for. Like this, it is better to stay in Xijing, at least you can live a stable life without worrying about food and clothing.
This time, before preparing to do it, he felt uneasy, but Xu Jingzong's people were in a hurry. Otherwise, they will not succeed and will not be so passive. So he added, "It's not that you're in such a hurry. How can you be so confused?". Please tell your master that my ability is very small, and your demands are too great, so I can't do anything about it. Young teacher is not reconciled, can expose me, anyway is to wait for death. "Doctor Ming, don't panic. If Your Majesty is against you, he won't leave the memorial to the throne." "So what? Will Your Majesty reward me?" "No, but the prince is really a little difficult." As Xu Jingzong's confidant, he also dealt with the original prince several times. Is the original prince, after this shot, the prince has long let the master down. But this disease, the prince as if all seven orifices open, Ming Chongyan back out, he also want to back out. Is it possible to return it? After thinking about it, he said, "Maybe it was wrong from the beginning.". Xianggong chose you, not only do you have a long experience of witch doctors, but also you have a little, but you didn't make good use of it. "That?" "Appearance, and for your majesty's treatment, can freely enter and leave the palace, if you say the queen is sick, prescribe some prescriptions, including some hidden spring medicine, how should it be?" Ming Chongyan let him a word, scared to lie down. After most of the day, he said,ceramic bobbin heater core, "I will never agree.". Your husband wanted to learn from Lv Buwei and treated me as if I were him, but what happened afterwards? Not to mention that your Majesty is still alive. I'm sorry, I stopped. I took Xianggong's money. I immediately ordered someone to take it out and return it to Xianggong. 。
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