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The prehistoric bandit (11th Jan 23 at 1:09am UTC)
"I can. Now I can." You are so smart. I don't like smart girls. You should act stupid in the future. Excellent UUtxt. Commentary Mosquito Word Ban Reading Volume 2 Sage Age Chapter 9 Love Robbery Words: 2471 Zhang Wen took Wangshu away, and the Guanghan Palace was empty from then on, leaving only the tree-feller on the Taiyin Star, who kept felling trees. When Zhang was far away, the big fellow looked up at the Guanghan Palace and said with a sigh, "Why are you doing this?"? Now you are less and less like you were before. Then he continued to work hard to cut the laurel. When Zhang Wen got married, very few people came. Apart from those disciples, only Zhen yuanzi and Hong Jun came to congratulate him. But Zhang Wen will not care about these common rites, two people get married, do not worship heaven and earth, only worship each other a worship ceremony. After they got married, Hong Jun left. A group of people will not go to the bridal chamber, a group of people in the outer islands of Penglai each get a star fruit to celebrate. Several disciples on the inner island are eating a lot there. The rule of Penglai Island is that they are not allowed to practice by external force. There are so many spiritual fruits in the orchard. Now it is not easy to taste these spiritual fruits. What identity do people care about. The spirit fruit in Penglai is better than the famous ones outside. Not everyone can taste the famous chaos fruit. Even when the panda went to steal the spirit fruit, he didn't dare to touch it. Today, there are three chaos fruits at the wedding banquet, and everyone can only share them. The end of the wedding, the HongJun and Zhang Wen two people meet this time, two people again acquiesced in the heaven and earth three marriage candidates, this time HongJun came to this PengLai is to see if Zhang Wen also want to intervene in the three marriage,outdoor endless pool, don't want this Zhang Wen this time but don't want to participate in this matter, everything depends on HongJun himself to solve, originally the three marriage should have been carried out as early as FuXi incarnation of the human race. But the gourd Taoist was involved in the affairs of the human race, which was delayed. I have to make up for it now. Hong Jun wanted to make three marriages between heaven and earth, and the six sages naturally went to Zixiao Palace. When Hong Jun saw the man coming to him, he said, "The human race is thriving,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and there should be three marriages between heaven and earth to determine the theory of man.". The marriage of heaven is the Jade Pool of Haotian, and the marriage of Nuwa's creation of man and earth should fall on you and Fuxi. The marriage of heaven is now over, and the marriage of earth is not yet over, so you go to finish it. The matter of marriage is the next emperor, and it remains to be said. The three marriages are over, and the three ways of heaven, earth and man are perfect. Everything in the future depends on your own means. Hong Jun then slowly disappeared in the Zixiao Palace, and the saints had to leave. The matter of Nu Wa and Fu Xi is also simple. As long as Nu Wa goes to marry Nu Wa, the marriage between Haotian and Yaochi is also simple, leaving the matter of the marriage of the emperor. Although the emperor is now born, the marriage of that person will have to wait for decades. The sages didn't care much about the man's marriage, but Haotian and Yaochi did. For this reason, the heavenly court laid hands on the human race, best whirlpool tub ,whirlpool hot tub, but did not want to bring disaster. On Penglai Island, in the palace of floating clouds. Zhang Wen and Wang Shu looked at each other. Zhang Wen opened his mouth and said, "You should know my present situation. It is impossible for us to do this now, but I did it for the sake of cause and effect." "I know there's still a gap between us," said Wangshu. "I can wait." "Now that we are married, you can't be equal.". I will try my best to cultivate feelings with you. If you are disappointed with me, you can leave. "So many years of waiting have passed, and I can continue to wait." "Then you can rest by yourself," said Zhang Wen. "I'll go out first." Then he wanted to leave. Wang Shu pulled him: "Can't you accompany me?"? Today is our wedding day, and I want you to stay with me. When Zhang Wen saw this, he had no choice but to stay, so they looked at each other. Zhang Wen's own psychology is still worried about the calculation of heaven, Wangshu is now more affectionate to himself, Zhang Wen is more worried. Zhang Wen, who has been calculated many times, is also very helpless now. If he can't put down the worry in his heart, he is afraid that it will never be possible between them. Zhang Wen thought for a moment and said, "What do you want to know about me? Now you and I are husband and wife. I won't hide it from you." Wangshu still looked at him and said, "I don't want to know anything about you. I only know you are you.".
As your wife, I don't want to interfere too much in your own affairs. You said you don't like smart women. I'm trying to change now. I just want to stay with you. I don't want to know anything else. Zhang Wen took a long breath. It's better for you to be yourself. I don't want you to change for me, because I don't want to fall in love with a fake you. In fact, the real you are also very lovely, maybe when I like you, I will not care about everything about you, just like you. Wang Shu still looked at Zhang Wen and did not answer. Zhang Wen is very depressed, he does not understand what Wangshu likes about himself. Zhang Wen will not believe that Wangshu likes his appearance, in the flood and famine is to rely on strength, everything only depends on strength, nothing else. Zhang Wen believes that Wangshu likes himself, but he does not understand what she likes about himself, like his strong strength, this is the only answer Zhang Wen thought of. As for love at first sight, that's a lie. Just like the people of later generations, women can like your power, like your money, but will not like you poor. Prehistoric is like power and strength, everything is built on strength, no strength, now Zhang Wen has long been reduced to ashes. What worries Zhang Wen most is that Wangshu is a disaster given to him by the way of heaven. If he is moved, he is afraid that he will become a puppet of the way of heaven in the future. If he is not moved, he is afraid that his heart will be broken before the disaster comes. Zhang Wen felt that his trouble was the cause and effect of this marriage. When this thing first appeared, it almost didn't make Zhang Wen angry to death. Now that the marriage has not been solved,garden jacuzzi tub, he has solved himself first. Zhang Wen's face changed and he said, "Play a song for me.". I want to hear what you're playing. Wang Shu took out the lyre and sat opposite Zhang Wen. Fluttering the strings, a melodious tune flows from Wangshu's fingertips. Zhang Wen listened to the sound of the piano and closed his eyes. His heart was even more confused now. The feelings in the sound of the piano could not deceive people. The seven-stringed lute can communicate with the heart. Now all the feelings in Wangshu's heart are revealed from the sound of the lute. How can Zhang Wen not know.
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