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Thunderbolt Rose-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradis (11th Jan 23 at 12:58am UTC)
These two words are too arrogant, the other characters do not feel much because they worship the couple of "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie and "Golden Flower Holy Mother" as gods, but the "White Bone Feather" and "White Bone Fairy" in the seat look at each other, and their faces change slightly. Xia Tianxiang looked on coldly and saw it very clearly. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a loud voice, "Although the elder is respected by the world, there are many superior people in the martial arts world. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As far as I know, there are many geeks who can stand up to the elder in terms of skill and are good at winning." "Eight Mo Demon King," Xuanyuan Lie said, "Brother Xia, please speak. Xuanyuan Lie and his wife would like to hear the high theory to enlighten them." Summer Xiangjing waited for the other side to finish speaking, and suddenly looked up at the sky and let out a burst of wild laughter. This burst of guffaw really made Xuanyuan, the "Eight Mo Demon King" who was the leader of the evil group, laugh a little unfathomably. He was surprised and asked, "Why is Brother Xia laughing so guffaw?" Xia Tianxiang Xuanmei replied, "What I laugh at is that the old-timers are too arrogant." "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie was used to being worshipped by a group of evil spirits. Unexpectedly, Xia Tianxiang dared to reprimand himself to his face. He was slightly stunned. He frowned and asked, "Where do you think I'm crazy?" Xia Tianxiang replied with a smile as if no one was watching: "Since we have no sectarian origin, Xia Tianxiang calls you an elder, just in line with the meaning of Wulin narrating teeth and respecting elders.." "Eight Dian Demon King," Xuanyuan Lie nodded and said, "That's right, brother!" Xia Tianxiang went on to say, "Since we are only hosts and guests,industrial racking systems, the elder should give Xia Tianxiang a seat, and give him good wine and food, and moisten his tongue a little, so that I can talk freely with the elder about the heroes in the world." "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie was really broken by Xia Tianxiang's heroic spirit. The color on his face stood up. He stretched out his hand and asked Xia Tianxiang to sit down. "Ha ha," he said with a smile, "Brother has taught me a lesson. Xuanyuan Lie is old and fatuous. He admits that he is impolite. Come on, I'll give you a glass of wine first, as.." Without waiting for the "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie to finish,metal racking systems, Xia Tianxiang stood up and said with a smile, "Don't be too modest for the elder. This cup of wine should be for me to respect the elder and thank Xia Tianxiang for his impoliteness!" "Eight Mo Demon King," Xuanyuan Lie asked in surprise, "What's so rude about Brother Xia?" Xia Tianxiang said with a smile, "There was a rule on the gift-receiving station set up at the foot of Taibai Peak that if there is no outstanding birthday gift, you are not allowed to climb the peak. Xia Tianxiang is alone and has nothing to be ashamed of.." Before he had finished speaking, Xuanyuan Lie, the "Eight Mo Demon King," blushed and frowned at Qi, the "Nine Flying Roc," and said, "Master Qi, please hurry up and order the cancellation of this bad rule. Otherwise, Xuanyuan Lie will not dare to accept his love and disturb the feast." Qi Dazhao, the "Nine Flying Roc", had nothing to say, so he had to give orders, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, but the "Golden Flower Holy Mother" took a cold look at Xia Tianxiang, and her eyes were full of disgust and malice. After waiting for Qi Dazhao to give the order, the Eight Mo Demon King Xuanyuan Lie asked Xia Tianxiang with a smile, "Brother Xia, what else is there to blame?" Xia Tianxiang laughed and said, "The words of the elder are too serious. There are countless people at the head of Taibai Peak, and the strange people are like clouds. It is a great honor for Xia Tianxiang to be able to attend the banquet." "Ba-Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lieh sighed: "Although there are countless superior people and strange people like clouds, all the major Wulin sects in the Central Plains, except the Zhentian Sect, have not paid any attention to them.." Xia Tianxiang said, "The leaders of Shaolin, Wudang, Xueshan, Luofu, and Emei all sent letters to Xia Tianxiang to present to the elders. They should be presented when they were young." "Eight Mo Demon King," Xuanyuan said with a smile, "Brother Xia is now seated and the wine is in his throat. It seems that you can talk about the hero in your mind." Xia Tianxiang nodded his head and said, "The son does not talk about the father, and the disciple does not judge the teacher. Xia Tianxiang declared in advance that when I talk about the heroes in the martial arts world today, I do not include my teacher, the sorceress Huangfu.".
” "Eight Mo Demon King," Xuanyuan Liewen said, "My brother is young, but he does everything." Xia Tianxiang smiled, raised his glass and drank half a glass of good wine. He glanced at the "White Bone Feather" and the "White Bone Fairy" and said to the "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie, "The elder has just lost his sight. He thinks that after my teacher became a Taoist, it will be hard to find anyone in the world who can compete with you. Do you know that at the head of Taibai Peak, there are earth-shaking figures with rare skills?" "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie really did not know the "White Bone Feather" and the "White Bone Fairy" and other white bone double demons, so he was still at a loss. He asked with a smile, "Brother, do you mean yourself? I think it is the same as the story of Cao Yude Jingmei cooking wine. Is the only hero in the world to make you and Cao Cao? Xia Tianxiang shook his head and laughed and said, "The old-timer's guess is completely wrong. Although you deserve to be Cao Cao's first-class, how dare Xia Tianxiang look up to Liu Shijun at the end of Wulin?" These words, although in the bone even damage and scold, but on the surface there is no sharp edge, listen to the "eight Mo demon king" Xuanyuan strong simply dumbfounding. Xia Tianxiang pointed to the "White Bone Feather Scholar" and the "White Bone Fairy" and said slowly with a smile, "These two seniors are pedants of heaven and man. They have been famous in the Central Plains for a long time. According to Xia Tianxiang, no matter how skillful the seniors are, they can no longer surpass them." After listening to Xia Tianxiang's words, "White Bone Feather" and "White Bone Fairy" could not help but feel a joy in their hearts and a frown on their eyebrows. The joy in my heart is that Xia Tianxiang, among the countless good players on the top of Taibai Peak, only thinks highly of himself. A frown on the tip of his eyebrows indicated that Xia Tianxiang seemed to be pushing himself, and that it also contained the meaning of provoking and provoking the "Eight Mo Demon Kings" Xuanyuan. "Eight Mo Demon King," Xuanyuan Lie, "turned to the" White Bone Feather Scholar "and the" White Bone Fairy "and raised his glass and said with a smile," Xuanyuan Lie just made a slip of the tongue. Please forgive me, two Taoist friends! " When the "White Bone Feather Earth" and the "White Bone Fairy" heard this, they both felt a sharp shock in their minds. Knowing that the "Eight Mo Demon King" Xuanyuan Lie had been excited by Xia Tianxiang, he was testing himself with the "deafening sound" of his family's extremely high skill, which could be made by choosing people. Then he took one look at each other and took a slight look at his mind. He also raised his glass to Xuanyuan Lie, the "Eight Mo Demon King", and the couple of the "Golden Flower Holy Mother" and said with a smile,metal racking systems, "The'Xuanyuan Dharma King 'is a man of virtue, and his learning is unparalleled. He is admired by thousands of people. We are friends of the same way, and we will never introduce this trivial matter." 。
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