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The Return of the Movie Queen of Rebirth (the rebi (9th Jan 23 at 4:44am UTC)
"So Yingqing still believes in Buddhism." The host just expressed surprise: "There seem to be very few young people who believe in Buddhism nowadays." So when you are impetuous, you need Buddhism and Taoism to calm your heart. Buddhism and Taoism are very good things. I think kindness, calmness and purity can make girls more beautiful. It can also be said that the beauty of the soul is the beauty of the appearance. "What Ying Qing said is really good." The host looked at her with a smile: "It seems that the soul is as beautiful and elegant as the appearance." Their chicken soup is very sincere, but they don't know that the micro-blog has exploded at the moment. The official blog of Daily Entertainment posted a picture. The famous female star night meets "the big brother movie person", next to the picture is also blurred, the pixel is not very clear, but enlarges, still can see two faces clearly. Qiao Yingqing and Li Shuo! In the photo, Li Shuo hugs Qiao Yingqing's waist. Qiao Yingqing wears a cap and a big coat, which is quite different from usual, but she clearly kisses Li Shuo warmly. The micro-blog exploded into slag! If there is no evidence for the negative/news about Qiao Yingqing some time ago, the photos published by Daily Entertainment are like a heavy bomb, which really blows up those who support the goddess Qiao. What about being single now? What about focusing on acting career for the time being? We agreed that we would tell everyone when we had the news? Don't say that you will tell everyone if you have news. Do you dare? Li Shuo is a married man! What is more ironic is that "Goddess Dressing Room" is still broadcasting their program live at the moment. Then the netizen that has enthusiasm did synchronous GIF immediately, what inside repeatedly is the dignity that Qiao Yingqing smiles. So when you are impetuous, you need Buddhism and Taoism to calm your heart. Buddhism and Taoism are very good things. I think kindness, calmness and purity can make girls more beautiful. It can also be said that the beauty of the soul is the beauty of the appearance. Kind,Inflatable dry slide, calm, pure.. A ball! A large number of official messages on Weibo: "I really beep the dog." I can't figure it out. Qiao Yingqing is a goddess of performing arts in the entertainment circle. She has always had no good character and acting skills. Occasionally, there is a little negative/news that everyone takes pity on her and thinks that she has been blackened. As a result, the picture above has turned the world upside down. Also said that what likes to fly around to feel the culture of different countries, Li Shuo's means of torturing people has been exposed, Qiao Goddess may like double/fly! As for culture,Inflatable water obstacle course, does appreciating the hotel.avi count? As soon as Qiao Yingqing got off the show, she was told about it by her agent, and she was so surprised that her face turned pale. And Curly in the Daily Entertainment News is still secretly sending a text message to the Great God: "The Great God boss praised me ~ \ (≦)/~ Will it still be sent as planned tomorrow morning?" Although the Daily Entertainment Newspaper is a regular entertainment newspaper with a large circulation and has been interviewed by many artists, the most awesome thing is that it is obviously a very orthodox newspaper, but it is very shameless. Newspapers have only one purpose, as long as there are headlines, they would rather lose their jobs, which is the dignity of a qualified entertainment reporter. If we say that the whole newspaper circle is a river and lake, "Daily Entertainment" must be the one who has a deep background but wants to be a hooligan. Barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes. In this way, the entertainment circle actually has some scruples about this newspaper. And this newspaper is generally not black, once the black must be on the hammer, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable bouncer, it is very fierce. Qiao Yingqing was also unlucky and was directly posted on Weibo by the Daily Entertainment Daily. Gu Xiang ate an orange while holding his chin and browsing the comments on the Internet. A flash of GIFs made people laugh, and her cell phone suddenly vibrated, picking up a text message. After thinking about it, she replied with a few words: "All of them." The law of the jungle in the entertainment circle is also the law of the jungle. Sometimes the first one to provoke is not necessarily the final winner. Tonight is just the beginning, tomorrow's knife, she will make up for Qiao Yingqing will never forget. Curly received a reply from the Great God: "Look at Weibo, I have something to send you." Half an hour later, the official blog of the Daily Entertainment updated a micro-blog: "See you on Monday [dog]." This kind is permeated with full gossip and secret feeling, the heart of the netizen hangs to death to live, while scolding the original Po shameless while squatting in front of the mobile phone. Today is Sunday.
An hour later, it was midnight on Monday morning. What's going to happen? Is it another explosion? This night, the studio phone of the Daily Entertainment Newspaper was blown up, including threats and bribes, but everyone standing here is a professional sentiment. This is not the first time they have experienced this situation in front of them. Every time black people, this will happen. It's like the desperate struggle of a trapped animal. It's always a fight, isn't it? Curly looked at the serious colleagues, and suddenly there was a lot of pride in his chest. Until one o'clock in the morning did not see the official blog burst out more material, netizens have scolded Niang to go to bed, the next day dragged the lack of sleep black eye to work. Working dogs can't afford to be hurt. At 8 a.m. on Monday, a bleary-eyed working dog put on his glasses, opened the soybean milk, took a bite of steamed buns, and skillfully turned on the computer on his desk, ready to check his micro-blog before starting work. First, horoscope, pass. Second, sell facial mask, pass. Third, the official blog of Daily Entertainment, pass.. Why didn't you pass it? A long micro-blog, the computer is stuck. The working dog pushed his glasses and simply clicked on the big picture. At this point, I watched it for twenty minutes without stopping. Compared to last night's drizzle, today's revelation is simply explosive! "Daily Entertainment" black people for so many years, but also one or two photos, one or two words can be qualitative. I've never sent a long micro-blog alone. Can let a magazine official blog long micro-blog black, black history is not too much. And this one, impressively,Inflatable water park factory, was the good, calm, and pure Goddess Joe last night.
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