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Deceitful world (end) (9th Jan 23 at 4:38am UTC)
Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang could not help but tut, which was so good that Gongsun didn't hear it. In addition, Wang Ye is actually easier to get a man's heart than a woman. "Poof." Purple shadow words did not finish, Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang really sprayed. The ochre shadow raised his hand and gave the purple shadow a burning chestnut. "Make it clear that the gentleman heard that Wang Ye was going to be pinched again." "What do you mean?" Bai Yutang wiped his mouth, wiped a mouthful of oil, and found an oily handprint on the veil. It turned out that Zhanzhao had just pulled the veil to wipe his mouth and stuffed it back so skillfully that he didn't realize that the cat was pulling his veil. "Wang Ye really has a lot of brothers!" The purple shadow was also wronged by the ochre shadow, muttering, "You ask Zhao Jiajun four hundred thousand men who don't like him?!" Ochre shadow stroked his forehead, "you must not say that there are four hundred thousand men like him, ah, sir to smoke Wang Ye four hundred thousand under!" Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang came back. It was right to say so according to Ziying. Zhao Pu was really very popular. Moreover, he had no airs and was somewhat reckless. He was better at making friends than both of them. Bai Yutang's own people are strange, and there are many strange friends, who are a thousand times more strange than him. Sometimes occasionally meet to drink together, a few days later, most of those strange people will tell him that Zhao Pu is too suitable to be a brother. Zhanzhao inexplicably sighed with emotion, "just the opposite of my eldest brother." Everyone looked at him, and it seemed that he had no friendship with anyone else, but only got along well with Zhanzhao. The most irritating thing about Wang Ye is not that he takes away people's attention in a few days, but that kind of innate talent. Ochre shadow gently sighed,temperature scanning kiosks, "Princess Chai always told me that when Wang Ye was a child, he was fooling around all day, either riding a horse to hunt or looking for a group of friends to play. When he was a child, the child king grew up or the child king, drinking and making friends long ago.". But he is so clever that he can learn anything at a glance. Master, please come back and change one in a few days. Master Wu is coming, and he will definitely be beaten down three days later. The strangest thing is that Master Wen can also be angry and run away. Zhan Zhao frowned and glanced at Bai Yutang,temperature check kiosk, remembering the feat of someone in Mrs. Lu's mouth beating away all the martial arts masters when she was a child and taking away all the literary masters. Zhao Cong's martial arts are absolutely no match for Wang Ye, but looking at his appearance, he may feel that Wang Ye's humanities are not good. Both Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang nodded in agreement. Zhao Pu did look careless and ignorant, but in fact he was not. Getting along with each other, he does not like to recite poems, but he is not bragging about the past and the present, especially the ancient and modern history, especially those tactical battles and so on. "It's not that Wang Ye can't, it's that he's too lazy." Ochre shadow laughed, "it is said that at the very beginning he and Zhao Cong are a master in teaching, very famous, Chen master, is also the emperor's teacher." "Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang both nodded, knowing that the old man was respected by Lord Bao." It is said that every time Master Chen attends class, interactive kiosk price ,information kiosk price, Wang Ye will definitely disappear. The ochre shadow laughed. "Playing truant and looking for someone to fight or drink." "Ah." Zhao Pugang, who had just arrived at the barracks, got out of the carriage and sneezed loudly. Tens of thousands of people looked back at him in horror at the same time. He actually caught a cold! A look. Zhao Pu was so angry that he kicked the stake. "Damn it, who speaks ill of me?!" Gongsun looked at him warily in the back, should not be drugged? Give him a close examination later! Xiao Sizi Lala Xiaoliang, "Xiao Liangzi, Dad looks at ninety-nine, as if staring at a precious medicinal plant!" Xiao Liang is also a little weak, Zhao Pu these days called Gongsun to see the hair stand on end, he has not found Gongsun with "eager" eyes, thought he was hit by what behind the spirit. Looking at the gray sky of the frontier fortress, Xiao Liang only hoped that Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang could quickly find the kidnapper and dissolve the plot this time, and not let Zhao Pu have an accident. "That Master Chen is not a fuel-efficient lamp either." Ochre Shadow went on to say with a smile, "One day he arranged a long article for Zhao Cong to recite.". The article is a total of three paragraphs, the master said that every day recite a paragraph on the line, but Zhao Cong stayed up all night to recite.
The next day, the Master complained to the Eight Princes, and Princess Chai caught Zhao Pu at the door, who was about to run away. Master Chen did not say that he had assigned the text yesterday, but said that he had assigned it ten days ago. No matter how stupid he was, he should have recited it. Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang couldn't help laughing. "That master is bad enough. Zhao Pu can't recite it. Isn't it very embarrassing?" "The key is that Wang Ye never attends his classes, so I don't know if there is such a thing at all. When Princess Chai saw him with a sad face, she thought she could control his wild temper this time, so she stood aside and waited for a good show." Ochre shadow curled his lips, "Master Chen let Zhao Cong recite it first, and Zhao Cong finished reciting the three paragraphs. It is said that Master Chen praised him at that time, saying that he worked hard and continued to work hard, and that he would surely make a career in the future." "Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang raised their eyebrows and gave a good evaluation. Master Chen is said to be famous for his sternness and seldom praises others." Then what Bai Yutang was very curious. "Did Zhao Pu make a fool of himself?" "No." Ochre shadow shook his head, "he listened to Zhao Cong recite it, wrote it down, and recited it exactly the same." Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang opened their mouths wide, shook their heads, and said, "I don't believe it!" What it looks like. Purple shadow dry smile, "at first I don't believe!"! But Princess Chai said it herself. We asked Wang Ye if there was such a thing. He still remembered how to recite the article. It was said that he seemed to be anxious at that time, so he remembered it as soon as he heard it. He also said that anyone who was anxious could recite it. Rabbits bite people when they were anxious. Bai Yutang nodded very seriously, "I really need to be beaten." Zhanzhao pinched his arm with a discontented face. "People with photographic memory are not qualified to say such things!" "After Wang Ye finished reciting, it was said that Master Chen was silly." Zheng Ying continued with a smile. "At that time, Master Chen told him that if Wang Ye won a game of chess, he could not come to class later." Zhan Zhaoyi felt a little bored, "no need to ask, Zhao Putie decided to win, he has never lost in chess, right?" Purple shadow shook his head,facial recognition thermometer, a face of disgust, "more irritating than that!" Bai Yutang said sarcastically with a glass of wine in his hand, "It's not easy for Zhao Pu to live to this day." 。
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